Reefer Decree - Out Of Bounds


Iboga Records presents the new album by Reefer Decree Out of Bounds.Behind Reefer Decree, stands Oliver Bierlich from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Reefer Decree was one of the first artists releasing on Iboga Records, and were behind the milestone album release 'Soundframes' from 2001.

Afterwards a series of singles and compilation releases followed, and made Reefer Decree one of the times most interesting names. The culmination came with the monster hit 'Nightvision'. Later, in 2006, Reefer Decree sent out his second album 'Point of You', on Iboga Records.

Today his third album is ready, once again promising to enchant the audience with his unique sounds.


1. Intro 
2. Ice Age 
3. Reefer Royale 
4. My Mood 
5. City Crush 
6. Almost Gone 
7. Deep Fry 
8. Circus Electric 
9. Congasm 
10. Out of bounds 
11. Shinning Star