Rawar - Shamanisticus


Shaman Films is proud to present the third album chapter of Helder Amaral aka Rawar from Portugal. Rawar explores the realm of ancient shamanic ritual trance inducing sonic vibrations in the form of 9 mantras fusing cutting edge electronic medium technology with tribal rhythms of Indian traditions uplifting your spirit to the realm of the Shamanisticus. Favorited numerous times by Cybershamanic Dj Goa Gil under his Divine Dozens Charts and carried the message all over world.
The highly anticipated Album is now here and we hope this brings a message of peace and love to the world and raise the vibration to higher states of consciousness celebrating our rights as trance dance meditation.


1. Abducted by wilderness 
2. Covered in ashes 
3. Ice Worlds 
4. Guimat 
5. Shiva's 3rd face 
6. The Freaky Frequency 
7. The Tricky Thing 
8. Shamanisticus 
9. Cracked Nozes 
10. Maledictum

Source: www.psyshop.com