Rawar - A Journey Through Time (CD)


Rawar - A Journey Through Time (CD) W7REC is happy to annouce the second album of the wellknown and active psychedelik artist from portugal Rawar. After 2 years since the first album, a lot of things have change on Rawar's music.
This new album, 'Journey Trough Time' reflects the evolution of himself as a constant evolucionary living organizm and as musician.

This cd is not about a direct or singular subject, it's more about a human path on different stages and different time spaces.

'A Journey Through Time' manage 10 trax from almost all steps of the evolution of Rawar, from hard and agressive tunes to more calm and deep ones without forgetting the psychedelik elements and the touch of his nocturnal music!

A personnal album created to make u feel human energy and of course to make you dance!Prepare to go into 'A Journey Through Time' of powerfull psychedelik mind music.


1. Keeper of the brain 
2. We are the soldiers of nature 
3. Ares 
4. Terminus Psychedelicus 
5. From the inside out 
6. Sin 
7. Hangover 
8. Deamon City 
9. De la que fuma el senor 
10. The call of the woods

Source: www.psyshop.com