RED - Audio Drama (CD)


As a result of a ten year work with sound Mighty Quinn Records is happy to announce the full length album release 'Audio Drama' by a Russian Psychedelic project under the well known and recognized name RED.
Being spotted on numerous compilations RED has established a particular and a very unique sound, very high in its quality and musical details. 'Audio Drama' is an experiment with sound. Each tune is a different story, full of changes, ideas, emotions and author's feelings towards humanity and the world in general. Every listener will get a personal piece of this exclusive musical creation, and keep it inside the mind forever.

'Audio Drama' carries a secret message, a crypted note, a puzzle, which must be solved by 'You' after all!


1. VI - ()4 
2. U.M. 
3. Future Invisible 
4. Oppressed Land 
5. Audio Drama 
6. Refle of liars 
7. On the other side of galaxy 
8. Ufo Spotted 
9. Nether Space 
10. Darkness from silence 
11. 3Nd of all hope