RAZ - Music Forever


Raz Kfir is the Israeli musician behind the RAZ project.'Music Forever' is the newest artist album released and represented by Geomagnetic Records excitedly presenting the present and the future with a new album from RAZ.
Prepare yourselves for a creative musical experience that will last with the listeners forever. RAZ's signature sound of dark edged, melodic madness still shines through strongly, so get ready for the next chapter of the RAZ Chronicles.


1. Music for ever 
2. Dance floor madness 
3. Helping Hands 
4. Energy 
5. Just Scream 2 - (Album Version) 
6. Tb Land 
7. None of this is real 
8. Soft and Brutal 
9. The missing chord 
10. Voices in my head 
11. Psytisfaction 
12. Search for emotions - (Album Version)

Source: www.psyshop.com