Querox - How Life Goes On


Prog On Syndicate proudly presents Querox long awaited first studio album.After a number of chart-topping EPs and compilations Querox releases his first full-length album 'How Life Goes On'.
With this album Querox takes his production skills to the next level and manifests himself at the forefront of the progressive trance evolution.

Like a wizard of sound Querox pieces together his trademark offbeat baselines with thoughtful melancholic melodies. This is an album that demands your attention.

It is an intimate and personal story; with new dimensions to be discovered each time you listen. The nine carefully selected tracks showcase a deeper and more mature sound.

For instance, with its suggestive forceful baseline, deep emotive rhythms and nuanced underlying melodies Berlin Soundtrack breaks new ground within the progressive landscape.

Nothing short of perfection and already a festival hit Kiss the Ground resonates a melancholic melody that cuts through your soul in perfect balance with deep energetic bass grooves.

With its rhythmic offbeat baseline and mind-blowing symphonies the track Say Goodbye embodies Querox trademark sound and is sure to be another dance floor filler.

Among other gems, the album also features Querox remix of Phaxe's Fly Away and the track Backstage Girls featuring Monod.

If there is one album you are going to buy this summer, this is the one.


1. Dirty Beat Drop - QUEROX 
2. Dancing Angel - QUEROX 
3. Go Now - QUEROX 
4. Berlin Soundtrack - QUEROX 
5. Backstage Girls - (feat Monod)QUEROX 
6. Kiss the ground - (Voice:Rea)QUEROX 
7. Say Goodbye - QUEROX 
8. How life goes on - QUEROX 
9. Fly Away - (Querox rmx)PHAXE

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