Quantum - Expose (CD)


Quantum - Expose (CD) A Quantum is a very small particle that in this case represents a Massive artist that is all about the psychedelic soul.
The man that needs no introduction Gidi Snapir aka 'Gidi Hovek Olam' aka 'One Night Stand' aka' Quantum'.

Quantum's music is driven by emotions whirl pooling in a psychedelic vortex deep within his mind. Quantum's new Studio album 'Expose' follows in the footsteps of his 3 previous studio albums which were widely listened too and played on every major dance floor around the world.

On Expose, Quantum takes us on a journey into the night and on to the morning, with a wide array of warm carpets lining the floor of a chaotic room swarming with psychedelic synthesized sounds and off course don't forget the powerful base lines that act like a bouncer that is throwing people into the dance floor instead of kicking them out.

So as this year unfolds you can be certain to find Quantum on a stage near you, and he is not something you would like to miss, an artist, a dj and foremost an Ambassador of psy, keeping the flame alive for over a decade and in years to come.


1. Expose 
2. Hyber Nation rmx 
3. Shakti Pat 
4. Zuma Part 2 
5. Lets face the music rmx 
6. Surya Kiran 
7. Eye of the beholder rmx 
8. The Race 2012 
9. Winter Dream 
10. Janata Chilled

Source: www.psyshop.com