Punchline - Other Universe (CD)


Punchline is a young duo created by Nisan Alva and Ido Segal.The Duo started working together in 2001 and only a few years later they went by the name of Punhline.
Ido started playing drums at very young age, and soon after he discovered the world of electronic music and started programming by using software such as Fruity Loops, Orion and more

At the age of 15 years old he got more involved in sound designing, music theory and production, studying in a music college in Israel.

Nisan started to play guitar at the age of 11 and few years later began to study music production in high school. He discovered electronic music, started playing as a DJ and after a few years he found himself sharing the same dream than his best mate Ido. Writing and producing electronic music.

Punchline were discovered by Yonatan Markov a.k.a Bliss in 2005 and 2 years later they released their first track 'Slik' featuring Bliss, on 'Flamenco Mania' compilation on Nutek Records.

In 2008 Punchline released a big hitcalled 'Cosmic Space' featured in the compilation 'Intensity' compiled by Dj Amito, followed one year later by 'New Reality' in the compilation 'As Hard As It Gets' compiled by A- Team.

Punchline collaborated with Bliss, Painkiller, Bio Genesis and more.

This duo is inspired from the electronic music of the early 90's, the nature surrounding their home, and everything out of the ordinary.

Punchline style is a perfect mixture of full on, psy trance, breaks and oldschool elements that connects you right away to the rush of the dancefloor.


1. New Reality - PUNCHLINE 
2. Hallucinate - PUNCHLINE 
3. Back to work - PUNCHLINE 
4. 4th Dimention - PUNCHLINE 
5. Other Universe - PUNCHLINE 
6. Loosing Time - PUNCHLINE 
7. Hardfloor remix - PAINKILLER 
8. Cosmic Space - PUNCHLINE 
9. Consciousness - (vs Painkiller)PUNCHLINE

Source: www.psyshop.com