Psypsiq Jicuri - A New World (CD)


Psypsiq Jicuri - A New World (CD) After three years Psypsiq Jicuri (Luciano Salvo) is back with his second album: 'A New World', fresh Melodic Fullon sound made in Chile, with uplifting energy that will take you into a state of trance.

The sound of Psypsiq Jicuri is a unique South American style of Morning-Psy-Trance which gives a deep impression of his culture matrix. For Luciano Salvo music is a salvation, a hope, a connection between souls. The music speaks for itself; every track tells its own story and has a feeling of peerless beauty. The deep Hypnotic notes contain one's spirit, body and soul. Complex music that will make you dream and lose yourself in ecstatic dance.

Jicuri means 'sun's reflection' or 'son of the sun' and that is exactly the vibe that gets through the music. While making his music Luciano focuses on an experience, a moment or a feeling. Since his early childhood Luciano is addicted to music, in his youth he joined a couple of Punk, Trip Hop and Hip Hop groups based in Chile and Mexico. In 1995 he discovered Psytrance, He started his work as DJ in 1997 and two years later he decided to produce his own tracks. After extensive work the first album of Psypsiq Jicuri was released in 2006 'A Rain of Hope in The Galaxy' with great international response.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Apr. 2009/17

1. A New World
2. Buen Dia
3. Mano Espectral
4. You Make Me Shine
5. Psychedelic Therapy
6. Marijuana Society
7. Flash Back
8. Amanece
9. Rio Magico