Psykovsky - Tanetsveta (2CD)


A dweller on two planets, the brand new Psykovsky double CD is fresh source material for new age belief systems.
Including collaborations with Audiopathik, Fractal Gauchos and Kashyyyk, Fuzulu and Spiral, Ghreg On Earth and Manifest, Kin Dza Dza, Osom, Paraphysis, Polyphonia, Select Project and Silent Horror. The squaddie is educated to seed dance in trance and romance. To be spiritually splattered soon on Tantrumm.


1. Skrve Snaemy2. Burning Bridges3. M Muh Seeng Wuh4. Unanga Raga5. Bar Maleo6. Lovei Swhat7. Tanetsveta8. Aura Leta9. Mother Toddler10. Moydo Dyr11. Suddenly12. R.U. Happy13. Bezdne Vselennoy14. Iskry Sveteal