Psyfactor - Futurised (CD)


Psyfactor - Futurised (CD) Coming up this spring on Ajana Records the second downbeat album 'Futurised' from our label artist Psyfactor. After the successfully acclaimed first psychill album 'Endless Universe' there is a successor now, taking you further on the journey of unique soundscapes.
The album is a 12 track journey traveling from earth through space and back. Dmitry Korablin worked throughout 2009 on the 'Futurised' album to make it a colourfull musical journey through melodic soundscapes with uptempo beats.

Packed in a full colour digifile and a limited 500 copies edition, making this album a must-have for every psychill music lover. Audio mastering by Vincent Villius and artwork by Dreampaint.


1. Discovering Andromeda2. Flying Dolphins3. Are We Alone4. Futurised5. In Space6. Above And Beyond7. Cassiopeya8. Over The Edge9. Back In Time10. Purple Sky11. Neptune Waves12. Out of this world