Psilocybe Project - Brave New World (CD)


Psilocybe Project - Brave New World (CD) The long awaited debut release from Psilocybe Project is finaly here!From the Portuguese trance scene comes the already well known artist Psilocybe Project with his debut album Brave New World.
Psilocybe Project is Ricardo Mendes the 26 years old talent from Portugal.Inspired by the Aldous Huxley novel, Brave New World, this album is a constant memo of the human will to dream. Strong kicks and melodies full of energie it's what you may expect from this album.


1. Infinite Universe 
2. Dream your dream 
3. Brave New World 
4. The Story Teller 
5. Changed Forever 
6. Illusions of love 
7. Time to be alive, part 2 
8. Separation Anxiety 
9. On the road - (vs Myrah) 
10. It's all about the music