Protoculture - Love Technology (CD)


Protoculture - Love Technology (CD) Protoculture, the most sonically recognizable South African DJ and Producer is set to launch his musical career to even greater heights with his brand-spanking-new third album, 'Love Technology'. Protoculture fans will be ecstatic with the return of the melodic master and his signature riffs, melodies and huge production. 'Love Technology' features the undeniable melodic prowess as well as deeper side to the man who has brought countless dancefloors to the highest moments of euphoric bliss. The tracks range from uplifting high energy psychedelic beats to the moodier tech-trance, and the feedback already has been massive. The melodic influence of late 90's progressive trance is very evident in much of the album, especially in the powerful remake of Binary Finary's classic '1998', but where we can really see the new more mature direction he is headed is in tracks like 'Naked' and 'Midnight Mass' where he slows it all right down and lets the groove take control.
As the Protoculture sound moves into deeper groovier realms it is evident where the next step is for him, and with recent support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Max Graham and the like it looks like we are destined to experience a whole new chapter in his story.


1. Music Is Forever 
2. Naked 
3. Love Technology 
4. Big Blue 
5. Euphoric Recall 
6. Impala 
7. Stars Of Sanbona 
8. 1998 
9. Midnight Mass