Progenitor - Electro Bite (CD)


Progenitor - Electro Bite (CD) Finally the long awaited debut album by Progenitor is finnished.Progenitor is Marios Seraidaris and Nikos Karamalakis. The duo from Greece first met in 2003 when they both made their first steps in electronic music production. One year later they decided to produce a track together. The result of their first cooperation encouraged them to constantly create the progressive trance project called Progenitor.
Their different experiences in electronic music were melted into one and the result is a deep and melodic groove surrounded by fat, crisp and atmosperic sounds.Until today Progenitor's discography includes releases at leading labels like: Y.S.E., Plusquam, Headstick, Blue Tunes Recordings, Aphonix and many more. Progenitor's debut album 'Electro bite' is an essential ingredient for any party and can already be counted as one of the the most important releases of the year 2010.


1. Distorted Insticts 
2. Nervous touch 
3. Psychologic 
4. Echoes 
5. Disco nights 
6. Electro bite 
7. Ultimate trip 
8. Circles 
9. Exluding the possibilities