Predators - Radio Telescope


Predators is a Greek based project which was conceived in Athens by Andreas and Stavros (aka Dj Dr. Insekt) Kamenidis.
Enormous power gyrates the intricate mechanisms and channels giga-watts of raw electromagnetic fields capable of discerning the most subtle rhythms and bass fluctuations that sing the cosmic anthem of the celestial firmament and echo deep in the gigantic steel dishes arrayed across the planet for maximum effect.

After their super nova explosion launched their epic first album 'Cosmos' well known for uplifting dance floors from here to infinity the Predators are proud to present the finely tuned 2nd Full Album titled 'Radio Telescope'. A team of valiant engineers from across the globe each provided their high tech touch!


1. Planet X - PREDATORS 
2. Electronic Machines - PREDATORS 
3. Mystery Signals - PREDATORS 
4. Object - PREDATORS 
5. Wake Up - PREDATORS 
6. Arecibo Message - (feat. Psukoy)PREDATORS 
7. Shanghaied to paradise - (Predators rmx)S.U.N. PROJECT 
8. Radio telescope - PREDATORS 
9. Toxic - PREDATORS 
10. Nordlysh - PREDATORS