Polypheme - Black Magic (CD)


Polypheme - Black Magic (CD) Composed by dynamic beat and energetic bass lines with a full effect on any dance floor! Poplypheme is a new French Full ON project from Dj Cyclopes aka Christophe Donna 28 years old from Paris.

Early in his psytrance development the Polypheme project received special training from psytrance master and legend Polaris. These amazing tutoring sessions allowed Christophe to focus on his concept and now he has a powerful sound that rivals the most well known producers coupled with his uncanny knack for flow and arrangement makes the sexy sounds of Polypheme an instant world wide hit!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/37

1. Freak - POLYPHEME 

-  2. Henawo - POLYPHEME 


-  4. To the record - POLYPHEME 

-  5. Te quiero puta - (Block Device rmx)POLYPHEME 

-  6. Nicotine for silverscreen Part.2 - POLYPHEME 

-  7. Way back machines - (Polypheme rmx)BLOCK DEVICE 

-  8. Control - (Polypheme rmx)POLARIS 

-  9. Locomotiv - Polypheme Feat. Hich' - POLYPHEME -

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