Phonic Request - Skull and Bones (CD)


Phonic Request - Skull and Bones (CD) Hypergate Records is back with a new stunning and unique release, Phonic Request second album Skulls and Bones - revealing Phonic's fullon psytrance dancefloor oriented style.

This album features 9 previously unreleased tracks writen by Phonic Request and collaborations with Principles of Flight, Jaws Underground and Electro Cult wich results in strong, driving and psychedelic fast tracks reflecting Phonic Request's vast experience with huge audiences like Boom Festival as well as performing worldwide.

Skulls and Bones is intended to make you live involving teleportation, time travel and cosmic experiences with sleek and wise music. Ultimately free your soul...
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/19

1. Organic Function
2. Broken Machine
3. Strange Ghost
4. Crach Bug rmx
5. Skulls and Bones - (feat. Principles Of Flight)
6. Stress
7. Inside You - (feat. Jaws Underground)
8. Mentally Disturbed
9. What do you want - (feat. Electrocult)