Persistent Aura - Grand Julien


Sita Records finishes off summer with another top-notch release by one of its prominent label artists, Persistent Aura's debut album 'Grand Julian'.
Throughout time Ewoud Vandenberghen alias Persistent Aura developed his own very distinguished and amazingly playful style of Psychedelic Trance, which gave him the opportunity to feature his music on numerous parties and festivals in Belgium as well as a bunch of renowned Newschool Goa labels.

Grand Julian presents the latest fruit of his artistic labour. 9 carefully-crafted tracks, balancing on the edge between Goa and Nitzhonot ready to tie their web of hyperfast fractalmelodies and hypnotizing sounds around your mind!

An obligatory buy for all lovers of Newschool Goa and Nitzhogoa!


1. Creative Processing Unit - (Feat. Rama)2. Attractor3. Colliding Galaxies4. Concrescence5. Iztam-Yeh - (Feat. Agneton)6. Hypnosis7. Whitehead's Ontology8. Figs Past Easter9. Hurricane