Perplex - Classical Dreams


Perplex is about to celebrate his highly expected 11th album named 'Classical Dreams', that takes us a bit to the roots of psychedelic while keeping a fresh point of view. This album takes the retro vibe and mixes it up with the crisp of future psytrance.
In this album Perplex collaborated and remixed many world renown artists such as GMS, Space cat, Michelle Adamson, Pixel, InterSys, Spade, Interactive, 220V.

This album was the hard labor of two years. After the great success of his last album '10' followed by a world tour, Perplex spent time figuring out how to reach the audience even more, the result is this well planned album, with all its fine details and glory.


1. Sun Waves - PERPLEX 
2. Victory - PERPLEX 
3. The man with the name 2011 - PERPLEX 
4. Classical Dreams - PERPLEX AND SONIC VISION 
5. Mini Raise - PERPLEX 
6. Blast Wave - (Perplex rmx)G.M.S., PERPLEX, PIXEL 
8. Shut up and dance - (Spade rmx)SPACE CAT, PERPLEX, REW, MICHELE ADAMSON 
9. Blondie - (Perplex vs Interactive rmx)PERPLEX VS INTERSYS, MICHELE ADAMSON 
10. Toys - (Perplex vs Intersys rmx)PERPLEX 
11. Sound of life - (Perplex vs 220V rmx)RONEN DAHAN