Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (CD)


Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud (CD) Perfect Stranger is Yuli Fershtat, born 1970 also well known under the guise of BLT. In today's electronic music scene, you don't come out with a sixth album unless your stature as an artist is outstanding. Unless you have something different to say, in an original voice that nonetheless speaks to an ever - growing audience. Such is the music of Perfect Stranger. From his early years - and Yuli Fershtat is indeed a pioneer - he's been committed to his love for Trance, which is as dance as music gets. But a generic label would not do justice to the depth of his heartfelt music, which transposes feelings from across the wide range of human emotions. In this new album you'll find tracks inspired by the bliss of sunbeams, by an ironic yet candid take on the simple pleasures of life, or by the darker side of the self.

His demanding standards regarding what our man qualifies as the 'art' of sound have led him to appropriate today's trend, undoubtedly Techno, which he also DJs with a rare understanding and acute intelligence. This new album presents the latest development of his music that has never failed to embody zeitgeist, while uncompromisingly expressing his personal sensibility with contained lyricism and a sense of the epic. Savour Free Cloud, this album is set to become a classic!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/43

1. Clear Vision 07
2. Stardust
3. Simple Cells
4. Sweet Water Dolphin
5. Easy
6. Free Cloud
7. No 1
8. W