Peace Maker - Everybody Equal (CD)


Peace Maker - Everybody Equal (CD) Phantasm Records is proud to present our latest discovery Israeli superstars in-waiting Peacemaker, featuring 9 superb new floorfillers including collaborations and remixes.
Peace Maker have been involved in different aspects of music production for the last few years, constantly developing their unique and distinctive sound.

The Peace Maker style fuses a rich variety of elements from many different genres of music into a unique sound that fits very nicely into Phantasm's label direction for 2009.

Last year Peace Maker remixed 'Eternity', a track, that was originally written and produced by 'U-Recken' and 'Nitro' and became one of the biggest hits on trance floors around the world, receiving major support from many A-list international DJ's

Peace Maker have already released music on a variety of international labels, as well as performing in countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Israel, to name but a few.

Everyone Equal is a modern masterpiece that will no doubt stand as a milestone in psychedelic electronic dance music


1. Japanese Tours - PEACE MAKER2. Killer Weekend - PEACE MAKER3. Hallucination Power - PEACE MAKER4. Everyone Equal - (vs Mad Maxx)PEACE MAKER5. Groove Criminals - (Peacemaker Rmx)ION VS COMBINATION6. Irony - PEACE MAKER7. Turn to dust - PEACE MAKER8. Snap It - (Peacemaker rmx)POLARIS9. Night Life - PEACE MAKER