Paul Taylor - Redux


Paul Taylor's last two Albums 'High Life' and 'Purity' attained both huge critical acclaim and chart success upon their release in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
Both Albums having served as catalysts in redefining the ever changing sound of the World's Trance Scene. After getting so much positive feedback from both Producers and Fans, it seemed a logical progression to commission some of Paul's favorite fellow Producers to undertake Remixes of various tracks from these last 2 releases.

The concept behind these Remixes was to once again push the boat out, with the Minimalistic Full-On formula, so successfully introduced in those last two albums.

Producers such as Tron, Mental Broadcast, Chameleon and Kronic, were all chosen for their ability to bring something new and extra to the table, and to breathe 2010 production standards into these well proven dancefloor hits. Upon having heard the first remixes come in, Paul was so impressed and inspired, that he decided to create some original new tracks to complement these Remixes, thus creating a combined Remix and brand new Paul Taylor music release to be known as 'Redux'.

Once again this release looks set to raise the bar higher yet again, adding a further chapter in Paul's ongoing re-invention of the Psy Trance medium.


1. Just For Kicks - (Mental Broadcast Remix)PAUL TAYLOR VS TECHTONIC AND EJEKT2. Peaking Duck - (Kronic Rmx)EARTHLING VS PAUL TAYLOR3. Bandersnatch - PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON4. Scoop - (Tron Rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS SCOOP5. Realize - EARTHLING VS PAUL TAYLOR6. Turnove - (Aphid Moon Rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON7. Underdog - PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON8. Sumo - (Chameleon Rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS PTX9. Bubble And Squeak - (Ital Rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON10. Jezebel Redemption - (Paul Taylor vs Andy Mason Rmx)PAUL TAYLOR VS ANDY MASON