Paranoid Trip - Memories Of Souls (CD)


Paranoid Trip - Memories Of Souls (CD) Memories of souls is the debut album of the new upcoming artist Paranoid Trip. It is a concept, a story of a girl and a boy, who are reincarnating in each life until they bring their relationship to perfection. But in thus life, the boy is involved with drugs and he dies.
His influences come from metal music and old school, goa trance. Combining these musical styles the result is metal dark pads and atmospheres and psychedelic melodies with strong basslines and twisted noises.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/41

1. Enthelechea 
2. Back...To The New Life 
3. The Rebirth 
4. Deja Vu Moments 
5. Our Fate 
6. Partytion 
7. Drug 
8. Paranoid Trip 
9. Death Echoes 
10. In Another Life