Paralocks - Underground Arrangement


Free Radical Records 7th release 'Underground Arrangement' is the long awaited debut album from Jerry Van Den Heever aka Paralocks.
The release is the first solo album to be released and is a stonker from the South African producer, from word go this album is pieced together harmoniously in the trax and all the trax together themselves, it flows from one track to next from a downtempo start to a racing finish you hardly feel the increase of speed as the trax pass until you back at the beginning and seems over all too fast! Pounding Pure genius all throughout.


1. Top Notch - PARALOCKS2. Good Things - PARALOCKS3. Underground - PARALOCKS VS BOMBAX4. Play Dat - PARALOCKS5. Serious Delirious - PARALOCKS6. Parabax - PARALOCKS VS BOMBAX7. Hyperdrive - PARALOCKS8. Overider - PARALOCKS VS BOMBAX9. Parallel Cosmos - PARALOCKS