Paraforce - Stampede (CD)


Paraforce - Stampede (CD) Stampede is the 3rd full length album of Varun Anand aka Paraforce from New Delhi, India.This Album takes our mind way back in the 13th century when there was no evidence to prove the existence of mankind, 'Stampede' has its root in a real story where all the Giants Lived, The word Stampede goes farther back than when these giants were the only ones practicing Rituals and Ceremonies to enhance there powers.Thus there purpose was not to destroy the creation of the God infact they were like a safety tool against the evil.
It was said that the evil would return after every 300 years, so that was the main reason for the existence of these species called the Giants, as they were like coast guards who would not only defeat the evil but also destroy it from the root so that the mankind could exist without the fear of any evil. These Giants were specially trained under the influence of hardcore organics which were known to heal and make them strong against the evil, usually the life of a giant was around 400 years so they kept taking rebirths until and unless they fulfill there duty and there duty was to defeat the evil without any regrets whatsoever and if they fail to do so they would have to take a rebirth and shall continue there job, once the job is done the giants would return back to the paradise forever and only then the mankind would exist.

The main aim of the giants was to destroy the evil and live like a free soul away from the materialistic world and just to be a free soul the karma of destroying the evil was the key!

A life without a birth, a soul without a body!

This Album takes us through the training procedures and rigorous processes explaing how the good prevailed over evil and the exact story beign demonstrated through sound when heard in higher state of conciousness would explain the entire epic in detail that caused an Evil Stampede, so be prepared for an excruciating yet ultimately power packed dark psychedelic mystical journey into the deep realms of mind to attain the next level of awareness and Let.


1. Intro 
2. Pure Evil 
3. MahaShivratri 
4. Underground Psychedelic 
5. Roars from the deserted forest 
6. Drenched with hallucinogenic sounds 
7. Hammering the night 
8. Stampede 
9. Brewed from the holy Ayahuasca 
10. Magicians from outer space 
11. Repairing of toxic blood vessels12. Outro