Oxya - I See An Icy Sea (CD)


Oxya - I See An Icy Sea (CD) 'I See An Icy Sea' is the debut work from the solo project Oxya of Joey Dianos. This album is an interesting collection of styles and sounds served chilled right in the heart of the hot summer. It contains fat funky Australian basslines but also European night-time tracks and melodic tunes as well. It delivers the specialness of each individual track, exactly as if you were the only one in a crowd to witness an icy sea in the middle of the summer.

Adapted Records Australia acknowledged that view and decided to spread this work worldwide.Tested in high temperatures, there are 9 tracks that can satisfy perfectly morning, or night dancefloors.

Despite the solidness of the album, Oxya himself insists that this album is only a kick-start of wonderful things to come.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/37

1. Of course my horse 

-  2. Circus' Cat 

-  3. Blasty Lick 

-  4. Noise 

-  5. Fake Square 

-  6. Space Activities Vol.1 

-  7. The adapted theory 

-  8. Slinky 

-  9. Speak or squeek -

Source: www.psyshop.com