Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry Remixes


The return of one of the most respected Artist Albums in 2010 with 9 exclusive Remixes, crafted by one of the most wanted Artists in the world of progressive and psychedelic Goa Trance!
Be ready for this..


1. Kundalini of the Andes - (Mindwave rmx) 
2. Gathering of angels - (Aladiah rmx) 
3. Gathering of angels - (Zyce rmx) 
4. Arrival of love - (ManMachine rmx) 
5. Kundalini of the Andes - (Middle Mode rmx) 
6. Close your eyes - (Flegma and Nerso) 
7. Sacred Earth - (E-Clip rmx) 
8. Mystical Technology - (Sonic Entity rmx) 
9. Galactic Mantra - (Rigel rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com