Outersect - God Love the Fool (CD)


Outersect - God Love the Fool (CD) Beats and Pieces very proudly presents the second Outersect album 'God Love the Fool'.Outersect is Rob Rayle's groundbreaking genre-bending electronic studio project. Rob is a veteran San Francisco based producer of psychedelic music. He spent years composing and performing in rock bands before the Burning Man festival altered his musical direction forever. The work of a mature artist at the peak of his creative power, God Love the Fool offers a unique combination of the best jumpy psychill, techno-bluegrass and 70s progressive rock influences. God Love the Fool dances between these styles while guiding the listener on a seamless musical journey into the Outersect. Yes, it really is as interesting as it sounds.
Don't miss this musical experience that will make your body and mind dance - play the fool!


1. Kali Ma - (Album mix) 
2. Patchouli Scented Plastic 
3. Everything Disappears 
4. Ikodia 
5. Buford bombed the bass - (Fishing with Grenades mix) 
6. To take a single conscious breath without discursive 1:Thought 
7. God love the fool 
8. Techno Hillbilly Hoedown 
9. You are nature 
10. Mutania 
11. Aleko

Source: www.psyshop.com