Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space (CD)


Outer Signal - Fabric Of Space (CD) Outer Signal is a new project from Israel. featuring Gil Stolar a.k.a Jul and Lior 'Josh' Yosha. Both coming from a musical background, playing different instruments: drums, percussion, guitars and keyboard. They started to make electronic music in the late 90's in diffrent styles: Gil was more into dub and ambient, and Lior was doing experimental techno.

Around 2002 they started Dj'ing in psytrance partys in Israel, Thailand and India, but only in the end of 2004 they got together and started to create dancefloor music and Dj'ing under the name Outer Signal.

After almost two years of playing psychedelic partys all over Israel and hard work in the studio, shaping their sound and style, their first track 'Groove control' was released on the compilation Hardfloor on 3d Vision in 2007.

Their music is pure energy generating, with flow synths and uniqe vibe that create psychedelic chaos on any dancefloors.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/28

1. In Trance
2. Synchronizing
3. The Believer
4. Maniac Music
5. Transmission
6. Brain Wave
7. The time machine
8. The human mind
9. Fabric of space
10. MK 22

Source: www.psyshop.com