Ott - Mir


Mir is traveling the world, absorbing sounds from every quarter and bringing them home to a 600-year-old cottage in the wilds of Dartmoor to make sense of them.
Since his last album 'Skylon', Ott has moved from England to Spain and back to England. His mixer blew up, his modular synth got bigger, his world went from brown to green and he grew accustomed to viewing the world from seven miles up.

Conceived and recorded across four continents, Mir represents both a continuation and a transition, at once recognisable as the latest in a series whilst also delving into unfamiliar sounds, textures and feelings.

It features contributions from Naked Nick, who provided vocals on Ott's 'The Queen Of All Everything', and Chris Barker (Umberloid) who has played bass for Shpongle and on the legendary 'Hallucinogen In Dub' album.


1. One day I wish to have this kind of time 
2. Adrift in Hilbert space 
3. Owl stretching time 
4. Squirrel and biscuits 
5. A nice little place 
6. Mouse eating cheese 
7. The aubergine of the sun