Orestis - Recursive Consciousness (CD)


It has been a slow, unfolding and progressing story.Shrouded in mystery for the past 3 years but under Continuous Construction. Time spent on experiencing, listening and feeling...all manifesting in a heightened sense of reality at the present moment. The tale of an artist mastering his tools and understanding his moods in order to create an acoustic image of trials and tribulations. Just as the tree of life traverses numerous spiral staircases wrought with meandering occurrences and emotions in it's quest for liberation, so too does Orestis album signify the journey of a soul through the myriad 'Spirals' of these times.
Tantrumm Records, is proud to present, the much awaited Debut Album: Recursive Consciousness by Orestis. After a lenghty but fruitfull hiatus, Orestis has finally put the finishing touches on Recursive Consciousness. Resplendant with his signature style, he brings to us - music with a message.


1. Intro2. Unexpected Fate3. Recursive Consciousness4. Voices from the past5. Soundness of freedom6. Sonic Story7. Religious Pantomime8. Pertified Forest9. Pagan Celebration10. Open ur mind11. Epiloge

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