Open Source - Uncultured (CD)


Open Source - Uncultured (CD) After quite anticipation Ghost Label records is delighted to announce the debut album release of 'Open Source'.
Power on CD consists of 7 completely new tracks and 2 remixes of previously released hits.

Open Source's musical talent will gain your interest from the very first track, making you realize that he sounds like anything you have heard before.

His complex style is a fusion of trance and techno combined with clubby electro elements, psychedelic samples, filtered vocals and audio development complexity that can't even be explained.

Open Source brings a new firmament in psytech scene and reflects the overwhelming growth in the world-wide popularity for electro music with a unique effective sound.

His stand-out production skills along with his flexible musical direction has already started the buzz with inquiries for live shows and dj-sets.

On this debut album, Open Source tries also to touch some of the old school trance while mixing it to today's fast hi-tech environment.

His debut album will definitely put him on the map, accentuate his all around skills all over the world and lance him on the best new-coming producers of Balkan.


1. Two Queens 
2. Mosquito Byte 
3. Hot looking babes 
4. Forced in the heat of battle 
5. Heartache 
6. Sending my signal (live edit) 
7. Computer Possessed ? 
8. Fearless 3000 (Uncultured mix) 
9. Sedna's Solo Dance
10. Never Forever