Open Source - Serious Psy Trance


From a country where the foundations of the psy trance scene are very strong comes a deep emotion triggering album with a desire to spread throughout the psychedelic realm.
All trance fans are invited into a ecstatic journey that will make one wonder about their inner temperament and secret desires.

This progressive journey includes eight hard beat tracks in diverse styles, with classic trance elements, a mystical atmosphere, melodic leads and amazing hook lines that will establish this album as a true masterpiece.

Open Source reveals his two year work with his third solo album, a compilation of eight serious psy trance productions.


1. Power Source - (Live edit)2. Bad Habits3. This Is Paradise4. Magic Garden5. A Thousend Joys6. Darkness Falls Across The Land7. Psychedelic Realm8. Sending My Signal - (Live rmx)