Onyx - Energy Beats (CD)


Onyx - Energy Beats (CD) Onyx strikes back with a new Album.As a direct continues to the successful EP Special Dedication, Yanniv Gold (Onyx) brings here an album collection with some of his late works that have been made during traveling around the world between shows and together with his works as a label manager and a mastering engineer.
Now all of this music is in one place in a beautiful collection of tracks made in collaboration with some of the best Trance artists around.Waio, Switch, E-Jekt, Perplex, California Sunshine, Oforia, Ultravoice, Tactic Mind, Phobia, Ultravoice and Time Lock.


1. Adrenalin - (Waio rmx)ONYX AND OFORIA 
2. Step By Step - (Switch rmx)ONYX AND TIME LOCK 
3. Summer 89 - (2010 Cover)ONYX AND CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE 
4. Cinnamon Roll - (Phobia and Tactic Mind rmx)ONYX 
5. Star Light - ONYX AND E-JEKT 
6. Special Dedication - (O-Version)ONYX AND PERPLEX 
7. On Top - (Onyx rmx)PERPLEX 
8. Subliminal - (Onyx Live Edit)ONYX AND ULTRAVOICE 
9. Instant Reaction - YANNIV GOLD

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