Onkel Dunkel - Use Your Head


Monno aka Onkel Dunkel is Morten Wuertz from Aarhus, Denmark.Since the beginning part of Parvati Records family and one part of the legendary formation Grapes Of Wrath, Monno has been active as psy-trance producer since the end of the 90th.
Onkel Dunkel is his solo project having already released a bunch of tracks on Parvati Records and other labels during the past years.

With 8 previously unreleased tracks 'Use Your Head' reflects his very personal interpretation of the psy-trance music and a deep insights into his recent state of the art.

Being Monno an uncompromising nerd when it gets to production's quality and having a strong and loving relationship to synths and knobs he has been able to create and develope his very special and somehow recognizable sound. Earmarking deep morphing soundscapes, high pressure frequencies and wobbling baselines. The strong attitude of his music will throw you deeper into a surrealistic world and the typical parvati feeling of it makes this cd to a special output yet again on Parvati Records.

A pleasant surf is guaranteed!


1. Seven Sisters of sleep 
2. Booty and The Beat 
3. Wunderbar 
4. ChipForBrains 
5. Use your head 
6. CGI Joe 
7. Mit Hjerte 
8. Total Viking Power

Source: www.psyshop.com