Ocelot - You Live In A Zoo (CD)


Ocelot - You Live In A Zoo (CD) A magical twilight journey.Explore the startling unknown in exquisite clarity with unprecedented spacial articulation set to pounding, rolling, and bouncy grooves. From stompy romps to soaring flights. The hypnotic effects are best experienced in headphones or on a large well tuned sound system. Highly musical. Extraordinarily deep. Original. Above all, psychedelic.
This is a new level in psychedelic trance.


1. Deeper into Trance2. Monstrous Cephalopod3. Monkey Business4. You live in a Zoo5. Let's Dance!6. The Cathartic Process7. I have found it8. Bamboo Massage9. The Pirates Tale10. Side Winder

Source: www.psyshop.com