Nov - Sanus - Waves Of The Dreamworld (CD)


Nov - Sanus - Waves Of The Dreamworld (CD) The debut album from Nov Sanus aka Digital Space is a journey through the tangled synapses of the subconscious. The album flows from one track to the next with a wobbly, hypnotic swagger through the shifting canvas of a dream. A variety of different genres fuse to make a juxtaposed soup of beats. Organic and synthetic sounds mix to put a new spin on the psychedelic spectrum. So relax! This is music to dance like nobody is watching. For the past 10 years Joe Schaeffer has been perfecting his sound working in the studio and playing parties around Northern California. A few years ago he set out to create music with slower tempos that could hypnotize and move the audience. Waves of the Dreamworld is the fruition of several years of writing, playing out, and experiencing great psychedelic music. So close your eyes, crank up your sound system and see what visions come from this album.
This CD is highly recommended to all lovers of hard psy-experiments and fast dark psytrance (specially fans of Osom and Psykovsky), who tired of monotony feel in need of new waves of music.


1. Offroad - (feat. Xaos)2. SkyWalker3. Polycibin4. Trrrr3005. Harepostman6. Kilrathy7. OZM8. We dont know what is it9. Head Of Atoms


1. Intro2. Pandora's Box3. Forgotton Ages4. Silent Voice5. Morphing Mindstates6. Formless State7. Life Cycle - (Part II)8. Origin9. It10. Fire Dancer