Nordlight - A Deep Dive (CD)


Nordlight - A Deep Dive (CD) Many of you people in the music loving crowd do know the names Day.Din and Radisnak. Well Nordlight then is now the ambient project of these two trance experts, just developed for you being too exhausted to stay on the main floor after dancing around to Day.Din's lifeact.

Within this dreamy and relaxing sound you can lose your mind in spacious atmospheres, developing moods and recreational reflections born by two masterminds in the Glamour Studios family.

All of you will for sure remember the two ambient tracks on the last Day.Din album, one of them an outstanding remix of Vibrasphere's hit 'Tierra Azul'. Both tracks seemed to be just overwhelming pieces of music but only created as an addition for a great trance album. But what a big misestimation! From where these sounds came from there are many more! Here you can listen to ideas and sound collages escaping from tricky convolutions of these two musical brains.

Just dream and enjoy while this outstanding release by Spin Twist Records will serve as proof of this statement!
Style: Ambient
Released: Jul. 2009/27

1. Tierra Azul - (Nordlight rmx)VIBRASPHERE
2. Silk and Roses - NORDLIGHT AND DAVID
3. Feel Yourself - NORDLIGHT
4. A Deep Dive - NORDLIGHT
5. Little Spark - NORDLIGHT
7. Interlude - NORDLIGHT
8. For you my love - NORDLIGHT
9. Glitch Desire - NORDLIGHT
10. Lost in translation - NORDLIGHT
11. My 2nd wish - NORDLIGHT