Nimba - Motherland


We feel that 'Motherland' is a timeless masterpiece... It began in Africa..!It is a habit to assume that it is hard to reach a peak twice. Well, this is not the case when it comes to 'Motherland'. Five years have passed since 'Elements', the debut album from Ariane MacAvoy, AKA Nimba. The album was well accepted in the world, and brought her one step forward to the recognition of connoisseurs of African and World Beat Music. 'Motherland' is the fruitful result of original ideas and time that Ariane had spent with the coastal tribes of Guinea and the Baga people of West Africa. This album is a sensual voyage to the depth of Africa. Being a master of Djembe and West African dance, Ariane combines in her music knowledge in ethno rhythms on native instruments (mainly percussion), and turns it to a sensual multi dimensional experience. A dynamic projection of her visions, as if you can almost touch the sounds, you feel drifted away to the bush by the deep atmosphere that she builds. Ariane finds the delicate balance between raw tribal native music and today's modern computerized options. When tribal meets technology.
When Ariane is not working on her Nimba project, she's busy writing music for The Nommos, her musical collaboration with Goa Gil. Ariane is much respected. Her reputation takes her far and close to remote tribes and obscured teachers in West Africa, where mentally it's like a second home to her.

David Bowie once said: 'The future belongs to those who can hear it coming'. We wonder, was it after he listened to Nimba's first album?


1. Boke Atmo 
2. Jam Session 
3. Kangoleah Kryin 
4. KakiLambe - (The wisdom of destiny) 
5. Nimba - (The offering of rice) 
6. Matimbo and The Circle Dance 
7. Sorsonet - (The protector from the forest) 
8. LadyDrum - (The big lady dances) 
9. Boke Dreaming