Niko S Echo - Head On


It is time to welcome the debut album from one of the most innovate project of Psyprog scene.Niko S presents a powerful combination of beats n samples in every track, giving a fine example as a music youngster that he is. Knowing some of the most appealing tricks, his loop control skills are blending with an erotic way, with fat bass lines, killing fx techniques and beautiful vocals. Focusing on more towards rhythms and trancey hooks, building a danceable suspense that eventually become a big room weapon! Of course the electro/progressive influences and even classic musical education theories pops up every now and then, sometimes as a simple baseline, others building step by step a breaking point in the middle of the track that simply bursting it to the moon! And the story goes on with more up tempo attitude when the vocal chords stands strong and gently at the same time to pinch things up even more. Warping and forging these samples for almost two years, Niko S shows his fancy spark with an alluring and euphoric way, trying to avoid the same recipes that have been used for years. In the chaotic dominion of release material and one time hiters we are very excited of what's going on behind this project, aiming to pass this very feeling to the audience as well. Avoiding the hype of now days this crystal clear offer is sending you very poetic to the dance floor and the flavor is an absolute dope!
Make sure you will be a part of Phoenix Groove imagination kollektiva and give music a moment to shine.


1. Argy from heaven 
2. Female Lion 
3. This fucking rhythm 
4. Disco Craze 
5. John Story 
6. Jupiter's Revolution 
7. Head On 
8. Sweet Reaction 
9. Colorful Wall