Nerso - Exploration Of Infinity


TesseracTstudio is proud to present 'Exploration of Infinity' first solo album by the label act Nerso.
Behind the 'Nerso' name is Dragan Matic, he is one of a kind talented artist from Serbia and representative in progressive trance scene for the past few years. A story created by 9 different pieces, connected in a unique manner.

The 'Exploration of Infinity' album is no doubt one of the most expected releases in the progressive trance scene of today. Including collaborations with label artists like Sideform, E-Clip, Middle Mode and Iva, this album offers a wide range of progressive trance beats mixed with psychedelic flow and tech-trance touch, which will definitely satisfy the ears and minds of many music lovers.

Get ready for the dancefloor!


1. Jungle of sounds - (with Iva) 
2. Electrify 
3. Dune - (with Sideform) 
4. Synapse 
5. Borderland 
6. Vertigo - (with E-Clip) 
7. Crystal 
8. Deep blue - (with Middle Mode) 
9. Quirky