Nemesis - Gigaherz (CD)


Nemesis - Gigaherz (CD) Origo Sound releases the new CD 'Gigaherz' by the finnish band Nemesis.Gigaherz' is a 77-minute musical journey through the evolution of life and mankind up until our present impact on Mother Nature.
The album is inspired by recent environmental changes and is dedicated to the change in global temperature.

'Gigaherz' offers epic symphonic electronica, ambient techno and broad soundscapes with touches of contemporary IDM and musique concrete, and falls somewhere between Jean Michel Jarre, The Orb and Biosphere.


1. Kopernikus 
2. Gigaherz 
3. Karyon 
4. Vertical Horizon 
5. Nautilus 
6. Return to the well 
7. The First Sea8. Origin of species 
9. Terra Firma 
10. Koobi Fora 
11. Meander12. Out of the cradle 
13. Final Frontier14. Coldfront15. Last Footprints