Neelix - When i'm grown up (CD)


Neelix - When i'm grown up (CD) Progressive Trance from some of the most active producers of this genre.In view of all their international bookings, all the applauding audiences and all their releases being on heavy rotation, it is sometimes neglected that behind the glistening facade of popular producers, there are very basic, very human events and emotions.
For in the end, the whole thing is about the love for music and also about friendships that have been established on this basis.

'When I'm Grown Up' tells a story about this mutual passion: Sending some tracks of his productions to some of his close friends, Henrik Twardzik aka Neelix rapidly received back some stunning remixes, everyone giving the original song an entertaining, distinct personal note. And so it turned out that this material, collected in no time, would make a perfect collection of truly grown up.

Limited edition, available as six sided digipack and 8 pages booklet''


1. Senses - (Re Edit)NEELIX 
2. Chainsaw - (Vaishiyas rmx)NEELIX 
3. Adaption - NEELIX 
4. Chainsaw - (Album Version)NEELIX 
5. Ask The Right Questions - (Dirtyloud rmx)NEELIX 
6. Give Them Free - (Audiomatic rmx)NEELIX 
7. Leave Me Alone - (Album Version)NEELIX 
8. Human Beings - (Neelix rmx)GALACTICA 
9. Give Them Free - NEELIX 
10. Smoke And Mirrors - (Symphonix rmx)NEELIX 
11. Galaxy Traveller - (Neelix rmx/ Fast Edit)FELGUK 
12. Good Old Times - (Neelix rmx/ Album Version)SYMPHONIX