Neelix - RMX


A story of progressive dance floor euphoria in eleven acts.Neelix established an own style that set new standards for both party-goers and music producers, a style today referred to as 'Neelix Sound'.
For the first time on CD, the available release presents eleven musical milestones he planted along his career, among them updated and face-lifted versions of some of his greatest hits. These tracks built on the tried-and-tested potential of the originals, yet they combine their unmistakable catchiness with modern grooves and new sounds.

Also, there are some of Neelix' recent Progressive Trance anthems, for the first time available in physical format.

A must-have collector's item for passionate music lovers and passionate DJs alike!


1. Smoke and Mirrors - (Playful Edit)NEELIX 
2. Sunshine - NEELIX 
3. Leave me alone - (Edit 2012)NEELIX 
4. Coloured Light - (Pants Off Edit)NEELIX 
5. Disco DK - (Tam Tam Edit)NEELIX 
6. Green Sector - (Neelix rmx)ROCKY AND NOK 
7. Give them free - (Face-Lift Edit)NEELIX 
8. Ask the right questions - (Face-Lift Edit)NEELIX 
9. I didnt mean to cry - (Face-Lift Edit)NEELIX 
10. Expect What - (Edit 2012)NEELIX 
11. Goofy Jam Session - NEELIX