Native Radio - Macula


Their organic, rolling and deeply mystical sound made Native Radio one of the showpieces of German Progressive Trance in the hayday of this style, at the beginning of the 21st century.
Their live sets were highly applauded at all big festivals and parties throughout Europe. Since 2005 it got more and more quiet around the project, which did not mean its end, as turns out now. Native Radio is back with another album that represents a style evolution. Interestingly, it became neither Dark Psy nor Nu School Progressive.

During the past years Bastian Hoffmann focussed on his studies in film music composition. Thus also his productions became more soulful, turning to Downbeat and Trip Hop. This is one of factors for the style change. The other, is the instrument of the second project member, Jens Guttbier. Being a guitarist of many years with a band background, he now brings in more song-orientated ideas and sounds. 'We became more mature during the past years', Bastian describes the new style of Native Radio. 'For the album we wanted to create something special. A mix of Progressive and Psy Trance, harmonic melodies and tracks with emphasis on the guitar sounds. And in fact this is a pretty good description of what awaits the listeners on the new album 'Macula'. The deep, rolling bass structures are clearly reminiscent of the classic Native Radio sound and create a touch of oldschool atmosphere. But the guitar adds something new, a very warm, sunny and dreamy feeling. Sometimes, even a pinch of frisky rock music!


1. Rapid Clone 
2. Rising Nibiru 
3. Lucid Dream 
4. Atlantika 
5. Hold Subconsiousness 
6. Devils Illusion 
7. Deep Blue Green 
8. Nouma