Nasser - Checkpoint (CD)


Nasser - Checkpoint (CD) This exceptional piece of progressive music is made by Palestinian Nasser Halahly who is one of Iono Music's most recognized artists.
Nasser has been producing Progressive dance music for many years now and his tracks have been released on top labels such as Medium, Iboga, Blue Tunes, Flow, Vertikal and Iono Music. After some years of studio work, Nasser now presents his first album project.

Checkpoint comes along as mature music creation, stuffed with gentle, deep and melodic sounds. Nasser knows how to build a baseline, his sound is hypnotic and original, warm and soulful melodies reflect his Palestinian roots and mentality. So each track on this long waited debut album is a story for itself - declaimed by a gifted musician, who wishes to express the digestion of his life in a segregated rural Arabic enclave in Israel, far from the urban Israeli trance spots.

Nasser tells you the story of his life, not far from the checkpoint between Israel and Palestine. And you, the audience is very welcome to listen.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Dec. 2008/49

1. Memory Codes
2. Stuck In My Mind
3. Green Lines
4. End of day
5. Colors
6. Bossy
7. Timeless
8. 48 Minutes from Ramallah
9. T3ali (Come to me)