Mythematica - Mythematica (CD)


Mythematica - Mythematica (CD) Mythematica is an alter ego of an original artist and a talented music producer Daniel Spacek. During three incredibly short years he managed to find a key to transform his fanciful, surrealistic video projections and visual compositions, well-known among the Czech psytrance community, into a musical language as well.

Mythematica opens the gate into a curious world. Into a labyrinth of curious worlds, to be more accurate. And perhaps we will be remembering on this dreamy fairy-tale journey that the time was passing slower and motionless forms coming to life were almost carelessly taken for granted when we were children. Was it not said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children?

Not surprisingly, in this context, the album's content is absolutely in line with its perfect cover. It includes a 24 page booklet, showing the journey of a little traveller through different bizarre lands.
Style: Ambient
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. There was there was not 

-  2. 1971 

-  3. Dangling Talisman 

-  4. Circus Magneticus 

-  5. Help pigeons find way home 

-  6. Vitam Vas 

-  7. RGB Blues 

-  8. Ambivala 

-  9. Tout le monde aime l air 

-  10. Le miracle d'amour cybernetique 

-  11. Nakka Turra 

-  12. Mythematica I 

-  13. Fojo Mojo -