Mute - Mechanizm Reworks (CD)


It has been one of the top tracks on a very special album work presented by Roy Sason and Liran Ackerman, better known as Mute. The Israeli duo has been creating music together since 2006, trying to mix their different contexts and distinct backgrounds to a pure progressive tune, from electro house to fat progressive beats. With their masterpiece album 'On/Off', released at Iono Music in 2009, MUTe proved that their music has an initiate feel for the progressive dance floor, demonstrating how to combine their versatility for some other music styles, but wishing not to become a prisoner of any perceived style.
'Mechanizm' is one of those tricky and innovative tracks from this debut album. A very intelligent arrangement of deep minimalistic sounds which came to us in a very psychedlic way of progressive trance, precious and valuable. And of course reason enough for us to be interested how other artists would give their personal note and interpretation to this track. The result is an amazing package of variations of 'Mechanizm'. some reworks are so far away from the original track that only the tracklist reminds you that you are listening to a remixed version.

Finally you will find ten individual tracks, crossing different genres of progressive music. There will be a favourite version for all of you in this collection for sure.


1. Mechanizm - (2010 Rework) 
2. Mechanizm - (Alon Brilant aka Suntree rmx) 
3. Mechanizm - (EgoRythmia rmx) 
4. Mechanizm - (Future Radio rmx) 
5. Mechanizm - (Yoake rmx) 
6. Mechanizm - (Ace Ventura rmx) 
7. Mechanizm - (Invisible Reality rmx) 
8. Mechanizm - (Flegma and Nerso rmx) 
9. Mechanizm - (Funk Truck rmx) 
10. Mechanizm - (N.A.S.A. rmx)