Multi Evil - The Multiplication Of Evil (CD)


Multi Evil - The Multiplication Of Evil (CD) No Comment Records proudly presents the debut album of Multi Evil.Multi Evil is Jakub Kaminski, one of the best and the most promissing acts in Poland.
This album is an amazing masterpiece of night music with cybernetic flavour. Brings you many twisted sounds in different shapes, colors and patterns. Everything gathered in 10 multidimensional tracks.

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1. The Bridge - MULTI EVIL 
2. Komix Fm - MULTI EVIL 
3. Molecule Accelerator - MULTI EVIL 
4. Goa Power - (with Ator Project)MULTI EVIL 
5. Opposite Directions - MULTI EVIL 
6. Bombay Fx - (Multi Edit)PSY CUT FINGERS 
7. Time Screaper - MULTI EVIL 
8. Radical Structures - MULTI EVIL 
9. Transport Blazing System - MULTI EVIL 
10. Colors - MULTI EVIL