Motion Drive - In The Dirt (CD)


Motion Drive - In The Dirt (CD) Finally Motion Drive is ready to delight the crowd with his 1st album a sophisticated result of his mature production work.
Being one part of the legendary psytrance projects 'Rumble Pack' and 'Blue Vortex', he already has successfully released two albums and played countless gigs on almost every major Festival in Europe. In 2006 Philip Guillaume has formed his solo-project 'Motion Drive' which was dedicated to progressive trance. In short time the first tracks appeared on compilations from labels like Iboga, Iono Music, Spintwist, Blue Tunes, Domo etc. Soon he was asked to rmx some of the biggest Artists like Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura and Emok/Maelstrom. After some busy years in- and outside his studio, Philip is back with his debut album which is now ready to rumble all international dance floors.

So get ready for this very elaborated album which includes 9 intelligent productions and which can not be placed under a particular tag.

It is expressing those individual and personal ideas of electronic dance music Philip is well known for. The listeners will find tracks in a wide range from stomping off-beat to groovy progressive which contains unique themes and deep clubby build-ups, offering a funky and groovy mix between trance and house.

This fantastic album will find its place in the first row of your CD collection for sure.

Don't miss it!


1. Atoms 
2. Dropout 
3. Facts of life 
4. In the dirt 
5. The journey 
6. Heart of the sun 
7. Stars 
8. Simulated Experience 
9. Hypnotized